The Engagement Department

The rings you are seeing here are one-of-a-kind pieces we currently have in stock and that are available for proposing right away! If you can't find the ring of your dreams here, but you're getting inspired by deets that you love, the right thing to do is contact us and step into our custom-made engagement ring personal design process that will take you all the way to your perfect ring.

Endless possibilities, styles, stones, cuts and colors, many thoughts were invested in every detail or element. We believe the stones in these rings have special energy and we love creating designs that are symbols for love and unity. We are proud to say this is our expertise and we would love to take you hand by hand through this professional process. 
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13,800.00 NIS
The White Ring
35,000.00 NIS
13,705.00 NIS
58,310.00 NIS
38,500.00 NIS
27,700.00 NIS
10,280.00 NIS
18,700.00 NIS
9,280.00 NIS