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[As a stone*]

Natural stones are renowned for their calming energy, helping to balance emotions and promote inner peace. Each stone has its own unique abilities and properties.

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[Taking Shape*]

A form of self-expression, allowing to carry symbols of intentions and personal growth throughout the journey called 'life'.

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When light falls on an object, causing it to reflect or absorb wavelengths. Color changes our perception, allowing things to be distinguished.

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Jewelry is a statement.

You should wear it and feel like yourself, whether it's your wedding day or you're swapping a dress for jeans and heading downstairs for pizza. Your jewelry is an extension of you, and when crafted with good quality, it will last beyond your lifetime, carrying a piece of you with it.

Every piece from our fine jewelry is handmade, with quality materials and original designs. B&P's jewelry is of truth, style and timeless uniqueness.

The collections embody limited editions, heritage classics, and custom designs, reflecting the sophistication and contemporary innovation of our artisans.

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