Strawberry Daiquiri

8,900.00 NIS

This babe is irresistible! 3 Dimensional 14K solid bullet point shape or some might say it looks like a juicy strawberry. Handset with 65 diamonds all around in pave setting, creating one even surface of diamonds, when done correctly this leaves hardly any visible gold, and all you can see is shimmering beautiful diamonds. Because of the 3 dimensional shape, when worn tends to move around making the diamonds catch the light adding that extra sparkle.

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Gold Weight: 2.0g
Diamonds: 65 = 0.35ct
Measurements: Height 4.5mm
Width: 4mm (widest part)

Size & Fit

This necklace has a 360-degree turn and is set all around in pave setting!
*So we don't care if it turns, just more diamonds to show on the other side