Ocean Space Bars (last chance!)

1,914.14 NIS 2,392.68 NIS

Did you know diamonds come in deep blue hue? So deep it reminds you of the bottom of the ocean!


We made a new version of the classic 'Space Bars' with these beautiful blue diamonds - 8 diamonds set in 14K black gold.

* White gold is actually the black gold as pictured




Gold Weight: 1.10g (refers to pair)
Diamonds: 8=0.32ct (refers to pair)
Measurments: Height 2.8mm
Width 20mm (widest part)
Thickness: 2mm

*Double safety butterfly clasp

Size & Fit

When referring to earrings, you can absolutely rely on the model image to see the proportions.
As for 'fit', all earrings are extremely lightweight and easy to wear.